My passion of photography has given me insight into the world. It has allowed me to explore light and play around with how I perceive reality. My goal is to be able to capture these moments and share with people what I see in the world. I have traveled and explored twenty two countries so far, each place has its uniqueness, and I have been lucky to have experienced and captured amazing moments.  From climbing volcanos during sunrise in Indonesia, roaming the busy cities of Europe,  and wandering the dense forest of the Pacific Northwest, I thrive on adventure and the experience of exploring new and unfamiliar territory.  I always have my camera with me, and am ready for the next photograph to be taken. This is my best life!

Bobby Gonzalez

A California native living on planet earth, I am a photographer and mathematician that has goals and aspirations in the technology and art of digital photography. I have a life long passion for photographing the world and capturing the moments in time that I witness. The freedom I get when photographing is endless, and the possibilities of creativeness while playing with light is infinite. 

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